its me ..

its me ..

Muzikk :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

capital s !!

knp lah have feel like this to him ?
we just adopt ..
it was changed ,, when i have met wif him ..
and him tools me he want me more then adopt ..
i luv him just like my bro ..
but my soul force me to luv  him after i dazen had bff ..
for the first it was diffuclt to me feel it ..
now he says he loves me ..
then make my day with smile ..
but when i dun saw he face  just look wanna be craz ..
he romantice . fun . ''sastera''
different  bcoz  that i mnat u haha ..
laugh laugh juga but he remember me ka ??
or had new girl ..
it hard to explain  ..

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