its me ..

its me ..

Muzikk :)

Thursday, 27 February 2014

pity of me

please i don want to lose you again on my mistake.
i admitt all what i'm doing all my fault .
hmm please don go away again from me ,i cant believe if you never seat beside me again.
i can't imagine how could i face every single time without you as my lover.
i know u so dispointed with my attitude .
i supposed to be appreacite what have you done to me before.
yes u're correct ,what have you done before behind me it be came be back to you ,but honestly
i'm nothing with my relation with the boy,it just my past,it it will came back now.

i really have you only,please don't ever think that i have back up or what?
i in love what you have ,i don't want your property ,i'm only want you being my hero whole my life
being father of my kids ,
totally i need you as my partner .
i wish it to much ..

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