its me ..

its me ..

Muzikk :)

Friday, 14 March 2014

sweet kan depa ..
aku harap one day aku pon dapat spend time dengan lelaki
yang menyayangi aku ..
mencintai aku dgn keikhlasan hati dia ..
bukan sekadar kepuraan atau kasihan ..

1.snap picture bnyk2 smpai full memory.
2.have a date                                        
3.make me smile on the way ,having a    
funny/sharing story
4.lepak ,santai ,chill ,see each other ,kissing ..her                                
6.get a dumb face with lover on the date. 
7.being his bestfriend anythe way             
8.treat her like queen then she will          
 treat you back like king . her what she had ad setiasa untuk sidia

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