its me ..

its me ..

Muzikk :)

Friday, 17 January 2014

may i know who u're ?

Take my hand Let me lead you to a place called freedom Take my hand And we will run Yes we will run Take my hand Lets embrace the unknown together Take my hand And we will leap Yes we will leap I will never leave your side But if you need a place to hide Come run into my arms You can stay however long you like I know it seems hard right now But if you want I’ll show you how I can take your situation And use it for good Take my hand Can I walk with you in case you lose your way Take my hand Don’t you ever let it go I’ll never let you go
Worry not, I’ll never leave I just need you to trust me And let go of everything I just thought that you should know The next time that you feel alone In me you’ll always have a home

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